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What would you do if you need to track a parcel? Maybe the most usual way people would do is to go to the courier official website, a third party package tracking webiste, the order history page or choose to be notified via email or SMS notifications. Speaking of the order history page, do you know why you can get trakcing info through that? It is quite understandable if you do not know because it is the thing of a developer. But now you can know how that is came into being as i am gonna to show you in this article.
Float Model VS Embed Float Model
TrackingMore provides two kinds of track button for developer to choose. One is the Float Model and another is the Embed Float Model. A developer can customize Track Button by choosing the button size, button style and connecting your TrackingMore account to enable faster tracking. The biggest difference between a Float Model and a Embed Float Model is the tracking details showing effect. See below.
                                       Figure One: Float Model showing effect
                                      Figure Two: Embed Float Model showing effect
The tracking number in firgure one is a pre-input one while in figure two there is a rectangle box you can enter your tracking number. If you do not want your customers to enter a tracking number, you can choose the first model. If you want to enable your customers to track multiple packages, you can choose the second model. It all up to your decide.
Insert TrackingMore track button
It is very easy to insert TrackingMore track button to your order history page. Just copy and paste a few codes which you can refer to Float Model call code and Embed Float Model call code.

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